Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lexi & Ally Our Butterflies Have Emerged

Our first butterflies came out of their chrysalis today! 
June 25, 2013.

We hope that more of them will come out tomorrow!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thank you to GoodLife Fitness for helping us pay for our swimming lessons this year!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

On June 7th we had a wonderful field trip to the Ukrainian Cultural 
Heritage Village!  We all learned a great deal about what it was
like to come from the Ukraine and settle here in Alberta.  The Ukrainian people got 106 soccer fields of land if they came to Alberta. That's a lot of land! The teacher was strict he checked our fingernails and sacred most of us. The police station was fun and we got to try out the jail cell. The judge came and gave us our punishment of picking weeds or running around the tennis court 4 times. It was a great day!

Our Caterpillars Have Arrived (June 5th)

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate for Schools.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Go Animate


This is where we will tell everyone about our caterpillars.